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Mitch Heath Coaching About Me Portrait

About Me

I joined the founding team at                      in 2010 while finishing up my time as an undergrad at Duke. I spent the 2010's helping to scale Teamworks at the intersection of tech and sports, serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Growth Officer. We grew across collegiate sports, then professional leagues and Olympic teams, and then into the Tactical space. 

In 2020, I made the decision to move to Europe to help launch Teamworks globally. I waited out a pandemic, and then made Madrid and London my temporary homes as we brought Teamworks to LaLiga and The Premier League. 

Now I'm back in the US and continue to support the Teamworks team any way I can, coaching our executives, advising our clients around the world, and leading our Advisory Board.

Outside of
my responsibilities at Teamworks, I spend my time coaching founders and leaders at startups across a variety of industries, serving as an advisor and Board member to ambitious, high-growth companies, and supporting non-profits and impact-focused organizations working on problems important to me. 

My mission is simple: I want to help high-impact, high-potential leaders bring their visions to fruition. I want to see the next generation of innovative ideas and great companies brought to scale. And I want to see founders chasing their goals the right way, leading their teams well and taking care of themselves along the way. 

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My Values

A little insight into how I try to live and how I try to work.

People first.

Be human-centered. Prioritize people over all else. Be selfless. Slow down and pay attention to the needs of the human being.

Find the good.

Don’t give in to cynicism. Look for the good in everyone and everything. Practice gratitude with intentionality. Assume the best of intentions. 

Grow smaller.

Prioritize humility. Lift others up. Take every opportunity to put someone else in the spotlight. Enable and empower. Help others win.

Leave it all on the field.

When given a choice, choose the harder path. Go big. Say “yes.” Be exhausted. Don’t settle for normal or comfortable. Choose crazy and unreasonable.

No storm can shake my inmost calm.

Stay composed and keep it all in perspective. Don’t let the good or bad news of the day sway you. Be content in all things.

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